Rock Quiz January/February 2008 (easy section)

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1.Which band scored a massive hit with [Tie A Yellow Ribbon]?
2.Complete this song title by the Beatles: [Eleanor ...]?
3.Which band had a hit with [New Years Day], a single from their album [War]?
4.Complete the album title by Pink Floyd: [A Momentary Lapse ...]?
5.Which famous album by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young has a French title?
6.[Chasing Cars] and [You're All I Have] are well known single releases by ...?
7.In the eighties [Kids In America] was a big hit for ...?
8.Complete the song title by The Who: [Happy ...]?
9.The album [In Rainbows] is by ...?
10.Which singer had hits with [Wild World] and [Lady d'Arbanville]?
Number of correct answers: 0

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