Rock Quiz September 2007 (easy section)

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1.Pete Doherty and Carl Barat played together in ...?
2.[... And Justice For All] is an album by ...?
3.[Living Next Door to Alice] was a major smash for ...?
4.The two brothers that were in Creedence Clearwater Revival were John and Tom ...?
5.[Notorious] and [Seven and the Ragged Tiger] are albums by ...?
6.After Guns N' Roses split several members joined again in the band ...?
7.Which band scored hits called [Wall street Shuffle] and [Silly Love]?
8.[Lost Highway] is a recent album by ...?
9.[All I Wanna Do] and [My Favorite Mistake] are well known hits by ...?
10.The lead singer of the Doors was ...?
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