Welcome to the ultimate rock quiz!
This ia a quiz about rock music. It's just for fun.
Classic rock?
Rock, with the emphasis on classic rock, yes. But you may find a few questions from the grey areas of pop/rock as well.
How many questions are there?
In total there are one thousand questions. Yes, you read that right. But the questions are divided into 40 levels of 25 questions each. So you take just one level at the time.
Are higher levels harder?
Higher levels are meant to be harder indeed. Then again, questions about your favorite band would seem easy.
Do I need to complete a level before going to the next?
You do, but as soon as you have at least 20 correct answers you can pass on the remaining questions.
So how do I play?
Simply start typing the answers. As soon as an answer is correct it will be shown in green.
What about spaces, punctuation, diacritics? Do I need to type uppercase characters?
You can ignore all those. And answers are not case sensitive.
Is there a time limit?
None at all. You can take as long as you like. And you can try as many answers as you like.
So I can cheat and look up the answers on the web, right?
Sure you can. And if you do you may find out about songs, albums or bands you never knew. You may even find some new fun facts about your favorite bands. Wouldn't that be great?
If I continue playing tomorrow, do I have to start all over again?
This website is totally ad-free and uses no tracking cookies. You also play this quiz totally anonymously.
But the page does remember which levels you have completed. So you can continue where you left off. Of course you can also replay any lower level if you feel like it.

Ok, I got it - let's play!

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