The top 10 athletes of 2017 so far
 1  Cas Loxsom                      USA  1.46.13i  Birmingham
 2  Adam Kszczot                    POL  1.46.17i  Düsseldorf
 3  Nicholas Kipkoech               KEN  1.46.34i  Torun
 4  Daniel Kuhn                     USA  1.46.42o  Notre Dame
 5  Joseph White                    USA  1.46.44o  Ames
 6  Emmanuel Korir                  KEN  1.46.50o  Nashville
 7  Kevin López                     ESP  1.46.58i  Sabadell
 8  Amel Tuka                       BIH  1.46.59i  Birmingham
 9  Isaiah Harris                   USA  1.46.65o  Lexington
10  Eliud Kipngetich Rutto          USA  1.46.70o  Ames

Very tight finish in the last Diamond League meeting

The Brussels Diamond League final had a strong field and featured a race within a race. Only Ferguson Rotich and Pierre-Ambroise Bosse could still win the Diamond Race. A win for either athlete would secure first place. But Rotich held a six point advantage, so the Frenchman had to win or else finish well ahead of the Kenyan.

The race was very hard fought and the field was still bunched together as they stormed to the finish. Bett managed a small lead (and was in fact already celebrating) but was pipped on the line by Adam Kszczot who ran past the entire field in the outside lane. The race was so tight that the first six were separated by just 27 hundredths of a second.

Those small margins meant that the Diamond race was decided by fractions as well. If Bosse had been just 0.2 seconds faster he would have come second and would have pushed Rotich down to fifth. As it was, Bosse could only manage sixth, and that meant that Ferguson Rotich (who came fourth) claimed the lucrative Diamond Race win.

 1  Adam Kszczot           POL   1:44.36
 2  Kipyegon Bett          KEN   1:44.44
 3  Amel Tuka              BIH   1:44.54
 4  Ferguson Rotich        KEN   1:44.59
 5  Alfred Kipketer        KEN   1:44.61
 6  Pierre-Ambroise Bosse  FRA   1:44.63
 7  Clayton Murphy         USA   1:45.15
 8  Jonathan Kitilit       KEN   1:46.12
A very close finish in Brussels
So close! Kipyegon Bett was celebrating already as Adam Kszczot stole the win on the line. Despite finishing only fourth Ferguson Rotich (second from the left) won the Diamond Race.

Tremendous depth in Paris where eight go below 1:44 !

It was a fantastic field that was assembled in Paris, where with the exception of Rudisha almost all international 800m runners showed up. The initial pace was just right, the field reaching halfway in just over 50 seconds. Berian left the race, but everybody else dashed for the lead.

Souleiman was the first to head the race once the pacemaker dropped out. Kitilit and Bosse were hot on his heels, Makhloufi made a move, Dahmani was running well, and more were coming. Souleiman had to yield, and it was Kitilit who seemed to have it. Bt he just flagged during the last 40 metres. So then Makhloufi was winning. And then suddenly Kipketer displayed an astounding finish and snatched it on the line. The Olympic final has apparently taught him a fast finish is much more effective than a fast start!

The race had extraordinary depth. Eight runners finished below 1:44 for only the second time in history (the only other occasion was London 2012). Kipketer and Kitilit ran big PB's, as did Dahmani. Kszczot and Dahmani ran the fastest times ever recorded for eighth and nineth places respectively.

 1  Alfred Kipketer        KEN   1:42.87
 2  Taoufik Makhloufi      ALG   1:42.98
 3  Jonathan Kitilit       KEN   1:43.05
 4  Ferguson Cheruiyot     KEN   1:43.43
 5  Ayanleh Souleiman      DJI   1:43.52
 6  Pierre-Ambroise Bosse  FRA   1:43.58
 7  Marcin Lewandowski     POL   1:43.73
 8  Adam Kszczot           POL   1:43.76
 9  Samir Dahmani          FRA   1:44.07
10  Nicholas Kipkoech      KEN   1:46.55
Alfred Kipketer looks ready for a fast race
Ready for battle. Alfred Kipketer and Ferguson Rotich Cheruiyot are waitng for the start of the Paris 800m race. Kipketer would win with a tremendous final burst and set a glorious new PB as well.

David Rudisha wins his second Olympic gold

There had been a few doubts about David Rudisha's form. A few defeats meant he didn't quite look the unbeatable favourite like four years ago. And the race started oddly with young Alfred Kipketer going off at an incredible pace.

But he fast start turned out to be perfect for Rudisha. He didn't have to take the lead immediately. Instead he could follow Kipketer and wait for his inevitable breakdown. Only then did he move to the front.

And once he did take the lead the Rudisha of old, the unstoppable king of the 800m was back again. His long majestic strides took him well ahead of the others. His winning time was fast - the fastest since the 2012 Olympic final. Taoufik Makhloufi did well to stay close and took silver in a new national record. Pierre-Ambroise Bosse was third most of the second lap until Clayton Murphy came from nowhere and snatched the bronze in a big new PB.

 1  David Rudisha          KEN   1:42.15
 2  Taoufik Makhloufi      ALG   1:42.61
 3  Clayton Murphy         USA   1:42.93
 4  Pierre-Ambroise Bosse  FRA   1:43.41
 5  Ferguson Cheruiyot     KEN   1:43.55
 6  Marcin Lewandowski     POL   1:44.20
 7  Alfred Kipketer        KEN   1:46.02
 8  Boris Berian           USA   1:46.15
David Rudisha wins his second Olympic gold
He did it again! David Rudisha celebrates the successful defence of his Olympic title. Once he had taken the lead nobody was able to challenge him.