Eugene 2022 800m reports
Eugene 800m final report: Korir strikes again!
Emmanuel Korir after his golden race
Job done! Emmanuel Korir looks well satisfied with his days work. And well he might be, because he has just added a World Championship gold to last year's Olympic Gold!

Olympic Champion Emmanuel Korir was always one of the more likely winners of the world title, and he duly proved his class. With a steady run he gradually worked himself forward during the second lap, and once he had taken the lead no one could challenge him.

The start of the race saw Moula take the lead, but he seemed not interested in running fast, so Arop soon took over and they reached the bell in 52.04, a decent pace if not very fast. Moula, Kinyamal and Tula were close behind, with the field still very close together. As they went around the bend to the back straight Moula was losing ground and now it was Korir who was slowly moving to the lead. He went past Tual who was finding it hard to stay close, then as they went around the final bend, came alongside of Kinyamal. At this point the two Kenyans were following Arop, but Kinyamal started grimacing badly - he may have picked up an injury, and from that moment he could no longer challenge for a medal.

Korir had still something left though. He took over the lead from Arop, in his familiar style, his head bobbing up and down, and his gold medal was never in doubt from there. Arop was struggling to keep going, and from way behind Sejati put in a fast finish which took him to the silver. Wanyonyi finished almost as fast, but he mistimed his efforts as he came from last to fourth, and so Arop could hang on for the bronze.

 1. Emmanuel Korir           KEN  1:43.71
 2. Djamel Sejati            ALG  1:44.14
 3. Marco Arop               CAN  1:44.28
 4. Emmanuel Wanyonyi        KEN  1:44.54
 5. Slimane Moula            ALG  1:44.85
 6. Gabriel Tual             FRA  1:45.49
 7. Peter Bol                AUS  1:45.51
 8. Wycliffe Kinyamal        KEN  1:47.07

Eugene 800m semifinal reports

As is usual these days there were three semis. The first two would progress to the final and two more would qualify on time.

So in the final we will see three Kenyans, and surely they must be favorite to take one or more medals. But they may have to find a way to deal with the two fast Algerians, especially with the lightning finish of Moula. Arop and Bol look most likely to lead from the front, although the final does not promise to be really fast. Finally Tual is the only one from the ten Europeans in the semis who managed to reach the final.

Eugene 800m heat reports

The first round consisted of six heats, so the first three of each heat would qualify and six further athletes would qualify for the semis on time. The temperatures were quite high, so athletes would probably want to save energy and not try for very fast heats.

So some big names went out, notably current world Champion Donavan Brazier and (due to a fall) Brandon McBride. All four Kenyans qualified, but it was an awful day for the USA as none of their four athletes could qualifiy. Two quite convincing runs from two Algerians, and the North of Africa is represented as well by three Moroccans and a Tunisian. Two athletes from Spain, France and Great Britain each, but Poland saw all three runners going out. There are ten runners from Europe still in competition, contrasting to just two from the American continent (one from Canada, one from Mexico).