The ultimate Cocteau Twins audio quiz
So how long do you think it would take you to recognize any of the Cocteau's songs? Thirty seconds? That would be easy. Ten seconds? Still not too hard. Five? That would be a challenge. Two seconds? Do you think you could do it? Would two seconds be enough to recognize a song? For a true fan it might well be enough. There are quite a few people that can recognize most songs by just a few notes, a few sounds, a single chord.

Well, now you can prove you are a true fan, because these two quizzes offer real Cocteau Twins fans a chance to show their dedication to the band's work. Each file contains twenty fragments, two seconds each, glued together into a single sound file of 40 seconds length. Not easy? These quizzes are not meant to be easy!

The quizzes may be hard, but participation is easy. First you should download the first or the second mp3 quiz file (~600 kB each). Next try to figure out which song fragments are in the file. You know there are exactly twenty fragments in there, and each one is just about two seconds, so that might help. Is that long enough to identify each song? You won't know until you try...

Finally go back to this page, and find out how many of your answers were correct. If you find all correct answers of a quiz a secret messages will be revealed as well.